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Our Story


Lovelin is a simple idea. 

One Artist | One Cause | One Month

We have a transparent love for helping others & a desire to inspire people to be better.
We believe that manners cost nothing, its nice to be nice and you don't have to be a d**k. Its easy.  

As a limited edition lifestyle brand we not only aim to produce stylish in house products that follow the idea of simple & clean design
but we aim to provide a platform of exposure for both charities & the creative industries.
We do this by running month long fund raising campaigns in which we collaborate with our favourite artist to create a
time limited fashion product to be released for the benefit of our partnered charity.

That limited edition product is not only used to showcases our collaborating artists own unique style but to
drive the mission & message of our partnered charity. As a fashion product the design may not have the most direct link
to the charity but it is there and by purchasing it you know the meaning behind it and have a product
you can proudly wear and show your support every day.

Each of our limited edition designs are time limited within the campaign.
ONLY being on sale for the last full week of that month,
give or take a few days and once that week is over so is the campaign and that design is gone forever.

Through out the full campaigning month £5 of EVERY item sold goes directly to help support that partnered charity and their cause.

It's always nice to know that every time you wear your purchase, you have helped someone.

Welcome to Lovelin.

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