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Register so our customers
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At Mermaids Scotland we are looking to create a Mermaid community in Scotland and for us to do this successfully we need you.
We are contacting pools up and down Scotland with the intent of building this Mermaid community and bringing Mermaid sessions to your pool
Have a look at the information below and feel free to fill in the Contact for at the bottom.

Our Mermaid team.

All our team are UKCC level 2 teaching aquatics swim teachers through Scottish Swimming, as wells as holding ether a RLSS’s National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers & Coaches or National Pool Lifeguard qualification.

We are also proud to have one of the largest team of certified mermaids in Scotland.
Our certification is under Mermaid UK which is recognised by YMCA fitness and CIMPSA - The Chartered Institute for The Management Of Sport And Physical Activity.

We are fully insured through BGi and all hold current Disclosure Scotland PVG certificates and if your pool is not lifeguarded we also have a team of lifeguards which we can bring with us if your pool is not lifeguarded.

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Our Equipment.

For our Mer-Sessions we provide all equipment that will be used, theses things include all tails & tail skins, Mer-toys and camera equipment.

During our Mermaid session we only use our own professional grade sports mono fins in our custom made bright and colourful tail skins to ensure the highest safety standards are met.

The Mono fins we use have separated foot holds to allow maximum foot support. This separation between the foot holds also helps in keeping knees and ankles separate as to minimise rub.

Our fins are 2-4mm thick so the plastic is flexible and so reduces strain on necks and spines.

Straps attach at heals so less pressure on ankle joints than other fins on the market our ankle straps have quick release water channels are built in to reduce resistance created in the water.

a Mer-session.

All participants must pass a swim test before we allow them to be mermaids. This includes are 25 metre swim and treading water. Our sessions are 100% structured and have a maximum of 1 instructor to 6 mermaids but regularly less. Mermaids start as humans to warm up ensure they meet our swim criteria. They are then introduced to safety moves and control. Then we allow them to put the tails on and slowly build up skills. Once we can see they have learned all the necessary skills to ensure safe learning we will then give them challenges and games.

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Benefits to your pool

1- You receive payment in advance of the pool  

2- Your pool profile is increased as people learn and
     want to attend our classes

3- People who can’t yet meet the swim criteria will
    come to practice and, in some cases, will book
    into lessons if available to allow them to attend
    our classes

4- We will provide you with a copy of all
    qualifications, insurance details and risk  
    assessments so there is as little to do as possible
    for your staff