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Mairi Hutchinson

The Introductions:

"There's something different..." When you mutter these three words you know you've stumbled onto something good.  We believe different is good, not always, but very often the norm is boring and uninteresting. As soon as we saw a mural by this months Artist, we knew that we would do our damnest to work with them. Little did we know, Little Books Transfers were a collective of 3 artists. We knew there was something special and are super chuffed to introduce Mairi Hutchinson as our Artist of the month. 

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For those who do not know about you,
tell us who you are and what you do. 

I'm part of the artist collective and mural company Little Book Transfers. It comprises of me and two close friends from my undergrad course in visual arts. We banded together just over a year ago and have been drawing on walls ever since! 

It might have started with a little doodle but when did you first discover that you had a talent for art? 

I come from a creative background and there has always been art in my life. After some trial and error, I discovered I'm most happy when I'm making and creating things. To me, art and creativity is not an occupation but a way of life and thinking. 

As you mentioned earlier, you are one third of the art collective, Little Book Transfers. 
How did Little Book Transfers come to be and where did 
you get the name? 

Actually, the name stems from the idea for a band me and my partner had back in the day when I tried my hand at being a singer songwriter!
The name lay dormant until I tried it out with Hollie and Nikki and it just fit. 

We came together through a somewhereto: restore project last August just after graduating.
We were apprehensive to keep active creatively so jumped at the chance to do a month long live mural through the project.
During and after we realised how much we loved it and so Little Book Transfers was born! 

How is it working as part of a collective as opposed to a solo artist? 

I would not be where I am without Hollie and Nikki. We bounce off each other and ideas grow. Things that I would never come up with by myself. It helps that we all work well together and we share a very similar sense of humour.
Our work is all very different but collectively it seems to come together, I still haven't figured out how yet! 

Since we first noticed your work, we have seen Little Book Transfers go from strength to strength.
What would your dream comm
ission be? 

We all have different ideas and this is a hard one to answer. Nikki would really like to illustrate fashion backdrops for a big name such as vogue. I would love to be able to expand outside of Glasgow and do our work abroad. We'd also like to go bigger and be commissioned to paint gable ends. Also, we often joke that we should be sponsored by Posca pens - we buy enough of them! 


We try to pair our collaborating artist with a cause they feel strongly about. You chose to work with Project Ability. Can you tell us why you feel a connection to them? 

I love working with children and community art and art therapy is something I feel strongly about. 
I volunteered with project ability shortly after I graduated and loved my time there and saw so much positivity through the project; I really support what they do.

We love the design you did for us and think is represents the cause very well,
can you tell us how you came up with it? 

The tag lines lovelin gave me really helped, there was one about a helping hand and, as our imagery has a lot of hands in it I rolled with that idea! 

We will end this on a silly note cos that just how we do things. IF you had that one TV show you would love to be on what would it be? And why? 

*saddo alert* I am an avid baker and follow great British bake off religiously. I would be pretty chuffed to be on the show... I sometimes daydream about that...