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Lovelin X LittleBookTransfers X Diabetes uk

£5 from every sale this month will be donated to support the research & services provided by the Diabetes Uk and Diabetes Scotland.
With our latest Limited edition T-shirt from the talented Little Book Trasnfers being on Sale Now, for one week only.

The Artist

Little Book

The Design

Limited Edition Design:
"Greater than my highs & lows"

The Cause

Diabetes Uk.
Diabetes Scotland.

Lovelin is...

A high quality, artist supporting, charity giving, simple design loving, limited edition clothing brand. 
We collaborate with our favourite artists to create limited edition clothing campaigns with
£5 of every sale going to our favourite hard working charities.



We aim to support and showcase the creatives we see in everyday life. Whether they be a digital designer creating gorgeous graphic art or a graffiti artist painting on an old run down warehouse, all the way through to an accessory maker we see in a small boutique. Its all about creating things together for a purpose and supporting an often under appreciated skillset. 


Whether it be themselves or someone they know, most people now a days know how much of a help charities can be. That is why we have always thrived to create a company that we can be proud of and is known for more than just selling clothes, this is why we partner with the most amazing charitable. Its all about help them gain extra exposure and needed funds.