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Hollie Russell

Hollie Russell & Lovelin.

Since working with Little Book Transfer last year on our Project Ability limited edition campaign,
We knew these girls were going places and that we would love to work with them again.
This time around Hollie From L.B.T has took the helm and showed us once again that Little Book Transfer are one to watch.

As generic as it is let us start with old faithful...For those who do not know about you, tell us who you are and what you do?

I am a freelance illustrator based in Glasgow, working as 1/3 of the artist collective Little Book Transfers.

Back in October last year we worked with Mairi, Who like yourself is part of the collective Little Book Transfers. Can you tell us your side of the story of how little books came to be?

Well, we all met whilst studying our undergrad in Visual Arts. Then after graduating we got involved with a regeneration project led by Somewhereto_ in Glasgow, where we documented the ongoings of the project through a large scale wall mural. This was over the course of a month.  After this project we came to the agreement that we wanted to continue drawing on walls – something that we hadn’t previously considered!

When it comes to Lovelin and LBT, we haven’t seemed to works with LBT as a collective but as solo artist (Don’t worry we haven’t forgot about Nikki). How do you find it working as part of a collective?
As well as taking lead on solo projects like this?

Yeah, we realised that it wasn’t practical to work as a collective on every commission when we started getting smaller ones such as t-shirt designs (in comparison to murals)! When we have been doing a lot of collaborative work, it is sometimes nice to have solo commissions to work from as well. I feel as I develop my own work, it brings something new to our collaborative work as well.

From doodle to sketchbook and onto a final design can you give us a little insight into how you go about your artist process?

I usually collate together some information on the project to begin with before I get stuck into a design. Then from there onwards I will sketch until I am happy with the development before starting a final. It doesn’t always go this smoothly though! 

It has always boggled our minds how mural artists can create art on such a large scale, How do you exactly go about it?

It’s something that just comes naturally now, but it was quite daunting at first. The scale of the wall and the complexity of the design usually determines if we need to scale up the design or not. Although, majority of the time we just go for it and freehand it up!

Between all the wall murals and illustrations you have produced if you had to pick one piece that you would say was the most fun to work on what would it be?

I would say that our recent mural in the burger joint BRGR on Great Western Road was lots of fun!
We designed a massive deconstructed burger that sprawled across the wall, complete with flying pickles and tomatoes. 

The design you have come up with for this campaign is amazing and fantastically unique. Can you tell us your thinking behind your design?

Thank you! As the campaign is in partnership with The Beatson Cancer Charity, the design is about exploration and research. I wanted the design to have a positive aspect to it in regards to Cancer research - for a more hopeful future. I lost my Mum to cancer last year, so it is a charity that is close to my heart as she spent a lot of time at The Beatson in Glasgow.


What’s next for Little Book Transfer and Hollie?

We are relocating our studio within Glasgow, so it will be nice to work in a different environment. We have been extremely busy over the past few months with work which has been great! We have a few murals coming up over the next month, and hopefully have some work with the Council as well. 

To end it we will keep with the silliness we asked Mairi, If there was one TV show that you could go on which would it be?

I would love to go on a gameshow actually, like Takeshi's Castle or Total Wipeout… even though I probably wouldn’t get past the first round! I like to think I am tougher than I am.