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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why only donate a Fiver(£5)?

Why not a Fiver? We decided that £5 was a nice round tasty number.
Like any other company, we had to look at costs to see whether our idea was feasible or not.
£5 works out as about 25% of our income. We give that straight to the charity and our expenses are then taken from what is left over.
Taking into consideration our costs and how much we think people would pay for our products, £5 seemed like the perfect amount.

Why do we do Preorders on our limited edition tees?

Sometimes things are tough and dealing with limited edition products can be difficult, especially when your limited to time. The preorders allow us to make sure we know how many to print and ensure there are no leftovers. Its all to make sure that you truly get a limited edition product.

Are your products Fair Trade?

Eh…….of course. We use Anvil Organic and Earth Positive Tees (winners of the natural and organic award) and screen prints are printed at a high quality establishment.

Learn more about Earth Positive here -

How do you pick the artists you use?

Have you ever seen the Hunger Games? Exactly like that! We spend a lot of time looking at artists and following their work. We get a lot of interest from artists and look at 100% of portfolios that are submitted. Its honestly just a case of if we like your work, we’ll work with you. We approach artists too though so keep an eye on your inbox.

How long should I expect to wait for my purchase to reach my beautiful body?

For our in house collection, we dispatch either on the day or the next day so you won’t have to wait long.

For the limited edition Artist Tees...We really appreciate you guys being patient. Our garments are printed at the end of the campaign. You should expect to wait about 2 weeks from the end of the campaign to get your purchase. We do not preorder garments as we do not know how many products we will sell and in what sizes. By printing the orders as they happen (kind of) it allows to keep our costs down and therefore allowing us to continue to run and funding these great causes. 

Can I get previous campaign tees?

No. Our limited edition campaigns are time restricted and once the campaign is over, its over. Done.

Why are the colours of my tee different from the ones in the promo shots?

There are many elements that may affect the way the colour of our products look different within our photographs but be assured the product you receive is the way its meant to be and is the way that we proudly wear our selfs.

Are you guys a non profit?

No, we are a for profit organisation. As soon as people hear charity, they assume you must be non profit. We probably give away a higher percentage of our income than any large corporation. We have to remain profitable to continue to improve, if we were non profit we could not continue to raise awareness for these great causes.  Plus have you seen the legalities of being a registered charity? That's too much hassle.

Do you ship worldwide?

Sure do. Check the postage fees at the checkout.