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Check out this months special guest Artist.

The Introductions:

A coffee addiction and a good internet connection does occasionally throw up some great things along with hours of cat video viewings.
One of the greatest things found was this lovely gal and her amazing work.
After a few (beer driven) encounters we can honestly say she is a genuinly nice person and a very talented artist.
This interview gives you a small insight it the world that is DevoArt. 


For those who do not know about you, tell us who you are and what you do?

I'm just someone who loves all thing colourful and who sees being creative as the best kind of fun. Born & bred in Glasgow I only really started to push myself and get my images out there when I was 31. It's been just over 2yrs now & the response I've had is simply overwhelming. I'm self taught so I guess it took me a while to build up my confidence. I work mostly on canvas, the bigger the better. I'd love to get out on the street one day and do some art that the public can soak up but working from home is much less scary, especially since it's generally done while watching Marvel movies in my jammies!


Its our go to question but we are going to ask it anyways,
When did you first discover you had a talent for art?

I kinda discovered my love & passion for art when I was pretty young, primary school age. One of my first memories was drawing Slimer from a tiny picture that was on one of my pencils.Then as I got older I used to get an incredible urge to create/draw & it just wouldn't go away until I finished whatever it was that would get out of my head. That still happens to this day & it's one of my favourite feelings. 

Most of your work revolves around comic books or 80’s tv/movies.
What is it about those things that you find such a connection to?

Honestly, I'm a big kid & he 80's for me is just everything! The best cartoons, TV shows, movies, everything. I'm very more American 80's than British though. Also it was all about colour!! Everything was bold & fantastic! It's the nostalgia,I just feed off it. It's the same with the superhero stuff too, if you look the once I did at the start are the ones I love as a kid. 

If you had that one dream commission
what would it be?

Commissions for me can be a labour of love at times cos it's not always what I want to paint. I've got a LONG list of things/people I really wanna get started on but just now I'm dying to do a big Betty White canvas. Unfortunately I've just not had the time! 

Our personal favourite piece is Mr White from Breaking Bad. What would you define as your best piece of work?

I guess my Walter painting is one of my best. I was so pleased how it turned out & actually amazed that I managed to pull it off. So it's either him or the original Still Game piece I did. There's a couple I love though too like the Mario I did for my first art show. Uck it's hard to decide!! 

We try partner our collaborating artist with a cause they feel strongly about,
your chosen cause was Yorkhill Children’s Charity. Why did you chose them?

I chose Yorkhill Children's Charity because as I child I was in there for a week after a pretty bad asthma attack. What began as a horrible & scary situation,  being stuck in a hospital for the first time in my life, ended up being one of the best weeks ever. The nurses where amazing & I made so many new friends. That was everything to me since at first I felt so alone. So it's always been a very fond memory of mines. 

We (Lovelin) love your work and absolutely love the design you came up with.  
Can you tell us how you came up with the design?

The brief you guys gave me to work with was just awesome. Instantly I knew which option I was going with (Little Monsters Born To Roar) & had the idea if using an image of my god daughter who lives in Spain, Ava. She's the ultimate little monster! Ha ha! No she's actually adorable but like any kids her age she has her diva like monster moments! So. Thought she would be perfect for it! I knew I needed to emphasise the Roar part so figured the best way would be to give her a tiger hat (lions are much less colourful, sadly!).



Are you able to sum up your work/style in five words?

Erm... Messy. Bold. Vivid. Drippy and uncontroversial. 

What does the future hold for Devoart?

Well sadly a lot of my time is being taken up by working full time just now but once my small backlog of commissions is complete I will be painting that picture of Betty White!! Seriously though, I just don't know. Lots of things are taking my time up just one & it's not all just art art art like it used to be but I will be back in full force soon enough!