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The Rucksack Project

The Rucksack Project, Glasgow

November 2014

The Rucksack Project is not a charitable organisation, but a worldwide movement born out of a simple idea to help those sleeping rough on the streets during the freezing winter months.

Anyone can help with this mission, because the project is not about one person trying to do a lot, but about the many each just doing a little to make a big difference in the world.

The idea is an incredibly simple one: Go to charity shops, get a rucksack, sleeping bag, flask (fill with hot soup), spoon, gloves, hat, fleece, undies, socks and extra food, take it out and give it to a homeless person.

Born from a desire to simply help a homeless person, The Rucksack Project has become a massive national community of volunteers helping people all over the country. 

Shelters are struggling to house people and often have to turn people away. These packs can help towards giving someone a helping hand through the cold nights. 

We have decided to help the Glasgow Rucksack Project. Please join their facebook event by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. On the 7th December 2014, we will all gather in various points in Glasgow with our Rucksacks full of aid to donate. By getting behind this movement we can do so much by doing a little. Individually we may only help 1 person, but together we can help thousands of people struggling to get through each day.