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Scotland For Animals

Scotland For Animals. 

This months charity is Scotland for Animals. A charity with a mission to raise awareness of cruelty to animals in slaughterhouses. We were super excited to work with SfA after witnessing their passion for change and hearing how they run as a charity. 

About Scotland for Animals. 
Scotland for Animals is a charity focused on raising awareness of issues and injustices faced by animals throughout Scotland.
They are a small team of dedicated people who are down in the trenches fighting for their beliefs. With zero government funding they put 100% of donations straight to fighting for the cause. We love that. We felt an instant connection with them and after meeting them and hearing how passionate they are we couldn't help but get behind the them and asked them to be our first charity campaign. 

Whats the Problem??
900 million animals are slaughtered in UK abattoirs every year. Scotland makes up a big percentage of that number. 
Undercover investigations repeatedly shows footage of animals being tortured during the slaughter process. They're beaten, stabbed, burned, electrocuted, sexually humiliated. All under the noses of management and officials. Decent staff are bullied and threatened for speaking out. Without proper scrutiny abattoirs have become a free for all.

Whats the Solution?
Our aim is to put CCTV in all the kill rooms of abattoirs. To do this we need money.
To spread the word and gather momentum. And for legal costs. Every penny goes towards our campaigns.  We take no wages, and have no offices so have very few overheads.  SfA is manned by a small team of dedicated and passionate volunteers. People who are taking the cause of protecting animals straight to the top.  If you’d like to help with this campaign you can also sign our petition here

We depend on donations and your support as we receive no government or lottery funding. 
For every t-shirt you buy from Lovelin they will generously donate £5 to us. 
This will go directly to our big campaign of the moment:  to get mandatory CCTV into abattoirs.