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Project Ability

Project Ability 

October 2014

Project Ability is a Glasgow-based visual arts organisation with an international reputation for excellence. They create opportunities for people with disabilities and people with mental health issues, aged 5 years to 80 plus, to express themselves and achieve artistic excellence.

We are pleased to introduce Project Ability. A charity who work in partnership with people with disabilities and their support agencies across the UK and develop local, national and international arts projects, creating opportunities for people to network, share their practice and exhibit their work.

We met with Project Ability and were lucky enough to get a tour of the impressive facility in the centre of Glasgow. We saw lots of happy people being creative and having a good time. Their HQ had a great vibe and we are glad to be partnering with them for the next 4 weeks. 

After the tour we sat down and discussed the struggles of the charity and what they need funding for. The problem is that funding is a struggle. Project Ability are lucky enough to receive funding from a whole bunch of fantastic and generous organisations but raising funds is becoming harder and harder. 

Every tee sold is a £5 donation that would go towards the visual arts workshops for children with disabilities and adults with learning disabilities and mental ill-health. With funding generally becoming increasingly difficult to secure, every penny counts!