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Cahonas Scotland

Cahonas Scotland

Cahonas Scotland is a Scottish based charity
committed to raising awareness of Male Cancers
(Testicular Cancer, Prostate Cancer & Male Breast Cancer).

Who are Cahonas Scotland and what do they do?

Cahonas Scotland aims to ensure that men in Scotland, particularly those most at risk of significant health inequalities, have open access to information.  They believe everyone, particularly young people, should be aware of the signs and symptoms of Male Cancers and have the confidence to act on these without any embarrassment or stigma.  

From increasing the availability of information of Male Cancers to hosting awareness raising sessions at events, schools, universities and male oriented places of work Cahonas Scotland aims to empower men to be proactive about their bodies and their health. 

Through education and awareness Cahonas Scotland exists to ensure male cancers are diagnosed at the earliest stage possible, at which treatments are more effective and survival rates are higher to help bring a positive change in Male Cancer Awareness.

Getting Hands on.

Cahonas Scotlands are so commitment to the mission of making sure you all know your balls and check them regularly, that they have launched the FREE monthly text reminder service, So there is no more excuses of "I Forgot."– all you need to do to for these free reminders is text BALLS to 60777.


As a small charity that is 100% volunteer led every t-shirt you buy in store for the month of November will go to making a huge difference to support Cahonas Scotland and the work that they are doing to raising awareness of Male Cancers and will be vital in helping Cahonas Scotland educate more young people and equip them with the knowledge and information to be cancer aware and gain the confidence to be proactive about their health.

Getting Social.

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