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Sore Fingers & PVA Spills


A Wintercroft Build

When the photo shoot for this months limited edition tee, designed by Glasgow based tattoo artist Delboi, for the support of Cahonas Scotland came around.
We had at least one clear idea, Cow mask.

We didn't know how it would fit into a photo shoot or if it would even go with the design but it's the idea we had and we were going to run with it. Finally, all those hours wasted trolling d.i.y social sites like Etsy and Pinterest paid off, having found the perfect build it yourself masks by Wintercroft for the photo shoot.

What really drew us in to the build from Wintercroft, was the beautiful geometric designs and the company ethos of recycling/reusing. With many of their template builds coming in at less than a fiver what is there to moan about? OK, you may not be getting a physical object but what you are getting is detailed templates, step by step instructions and a whole lot of knowledge that you don't have to try and figure out for yourself
and in our book, that's worth it.

The build follows the easy steps of: print, cut, stick, cut, score and stick number to number. But one thing we will say is read the instructions before buying your craft materials, unlike us you do not want to go buying 2.5mm cardboard when it calls for cereal box thick cardboard, all you will end up with is sore fingers and a whole lot of blunt craft blades. Once we were able to shape the, thicker than needed, sections into rough form we added a few layers of paper mashie to keep them together (nothing to do with the templates but more our dodgy cutting skills) and some paint later, we had what we were happy to call a finished mask.

How Wintercroft have come up with an easy to follow template, that produces a sturdy amazing looking mask, is beyond us. We are glad we attempted to create one and in our eyes, the limited edition photo shoot was a success. 
Check out out limited edition look book and tell us what you think.