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Decades of Defying Death

Paul Cochran

An intro to Paul.

Hi I’m Paul  and i have recently been entrusted with the task of
being a vital part of Lovelin…. featured blog writer.

When Chris from Lovelin asked me to take up this mantle I was remarkably excited until it dawned on me the responsibility I had been bestowed!

It takes a lot of trust (and courage) to place a large chunk of your professional credibility and give feature to a man best remembered for making outrageously dark and controversial statements purely for comedic purposes. 

I guess it would be polite for me to explain my previous relationship to the company and really what I plan to do for the future of this blog.

I have known Chris (One of the founders of) Lovelin for the entirety of my conscious natural life (much to his dismay) our relationship spans over two decades and it is heavily punctuated by ridiculous and often death defying, boredom driven antics.

Some choice examples would be:   

  • Sitting bored at 1030 one night a deciding it would really improve the evening if we drove from Glasgow to Dundee to see if Fat Sams nightclub was busy.

  • Abseiling out a four story window in Tradeston using a rope we found in a skip.

  • Week in week out drinking Rosé Wine that we purposely bought because it had sand in the bottom of the bottle (this in retrospect was a really bad choice since we both desire to live beyond 30).

  • Being two thirds of a three man superteam that ate 100 McDonalds chicken nuggets and discussed the finer details of interior decorating.

Since the conception of Lovelin I have always been lingering in the background giving generic advice in the hope that I will get free stuff (the irony of trying to hustle some free tee’s that are designed to provide charitable donations from their sales isn’t lost on me).

My omnipresence, superiority complex and tendency to speak with authority on subjects that I know very little about in the hope no one questions my knowledge base pretty much qualifies me to become one of the best featured blog writers the internet has seen.

As for my plans I would like to structure my blogs around the core values of Lovelin itself.

Create | Love | Inspire.

If I split these values up and treat each one as a rotating theme then I hope we can cover some interesting topics and maybe look beyond my crap writing in the hope I can engage with people on something other than criticism of my grammar.

Peace out!