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Little Book Transfers

Lovelin & Nikki Mcguigan
(little book transfers)  

For those who do not know about you, tell us who you are and what you do?

Hello! My names Nikki McGuigan and I am part of the duo Little Book Transfers. Hollie and I work together to create illustrations and murals for various projects and events.

 Finally it is here, we are completing the trilogy that is Little Book Transfers. Can you tell us your side of the story and what it is like to work as a three piece collective as opposed to a solo artist?

Well, we are now a two piece collective! Our third little book jetted off to Japan in February and has started a new life and career out there. Hopefully we will still collaborate on work in the future. The dynamic has certainly changed since Mairis’ departure. We all have different strengths and I think that is what made Little Book Transfers so successful. Hollie is more of a planner and is graphically minded and I like getting stuck in and doing live art. I enjoy tackling the more difficult parts of the murals like scaling up and perspective as we don’t use projectors. I still create my own work and it is good to go between that and working towards briefs as a collective.

As a collective L.B.T have a very distinctive style but it is clear that each of you have your own styles and inspirations. Can you give us an insight into your style and what inspires your work?

I have always been interested in pencil drawing; it’s how I spent my years as a grounded teenager! (Thanks Mum, honestly!) For my degree show I made a series of still life drawings and created my first large scale wall drawing and really enjoyed it. I studied with Mairi and Hollie and we all had totally different focuses. Mairi did painting and printmaking and Hollie did minimal illustration and photography installation. I also did some brief training in a tattoo studio so have always been influenced by tattoo art, specifically linear and black work styles. The work we started to gain with Little Book put those aspirations on the back seat for now. I like adding detail and have had a tendency to over-do it in the past, that’s why working with Hollie who has a very minimal approach, has helped me create a balance within my illustration. We all have an interest in animals and nature and I take influence from vintage nature artists such as John Audubon.  At the moment I am working within those themes but looking at how humans interact with nature, the work has more sinister undertones


Between the wall murals, illustration and the other projects you have been a part of, if you had to pick one piece that you would say was your favorite what would it be?

That is one tough question! I don’t know, there are so many that I love. Collectively, I think the timeline we created for Genereation:25 years of Contemporary Art in Scotland in the Gallery of Modern Art is the winner. We created 25 free hand illustrations, about 1mx0.5m each depicting events relating to art and world history for each year.  As we were creating a montage of visual information, the designs had a unique composition with some being rather quirky and humorous!

We are always excited to see where your designs will pop up next and all the different mediums they transfer onto. Is there one area that you would just love to work in?

Creating some very large scale windows designs would be great and doing a large scale exterior mural. That has been on the cards for a long time now but gaining permission has been a mission! We have worked on 2 exterior murals but are desperate to do something larger.

We absolutely love the design you have produced for this months Campaign (July'16) for diabetes UK. Can you give us an insight into your design and the process you went through to come up with the final design?

I felt that the international symbols for the slogan ‘I am greater than my highs and lows’ were a good base for the design as they are recognised by people worldwide. The symbols are surrounded with foliage and Jay birds, which live here in the UK. (Although I gave these birds a funky hairdo like their cousins the blue jay, native to America!) This is a social, confident and talkative bird, some even say fearless. I felt this symbolism was perfect for the campaign. This is how we want those who live with Diabetes and those close to them to feel and act about their condition.
Design available from the 25th of July till the 31st of July
then gone forever.

We have asked the rest of LBT this question as a closer so it's only fitting that we ask you as well.... If you could be part of any tv show which would it be?

OH! I could be a sorceress in Game of Thrones and sell magical spells. 
Or something like the great pottery throw down but for mural artists? That’s more normal haha!


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