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Alzheimer Scotland

Alzheimer Scotland.

Campaigning for the rights of people with dementia and their families aswell as providing an extensive range of innovative and personalised support services. Alzheimer Scotland have become the leading dementia organisation in Scotland. 


What is Alzheimers?

Alzheimer’s disease is an illness of the brain which causes dementia. Over half the people in Scotland who have dementia have Alzheimer’s Disease. Age is the only known risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. Most people who have it are over 70 years old. It is rare for people under 60 to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease gradually destroys brain cells and their connections. This affects how the person copes with everyday tasks. Each person will be affected differently and it isn’t possible to predict which symptoms they will develop.Very often, a person’s short term memory is affected.

With the right help and support, people with Alzheimer’s disease can enjoy a good quality of life for many years.

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Help, Support and Services.

Alzheimer Scotland provides services across the full of Scotland to help people with dementia live as well as possible. 

They offer specialist dementia services that provide personalised support designed around each individual, including 1:1 support and day services. Our local Dementia Advisors. Whether It's information and advice, personalised support services, or activities in your community, their 24 hour Dementia Helpline is always there for advice and information.   

Scottish Dementia awards.

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